Animations Vs. Graphs And Charts: Effectiveness In A Court Case

Evidence Is Administered In Different Ways In A Court Case. It Can Be Done Orally, Through Graphs, Charts, Videos, And Animations. These Methods Are Effective, Though Some Have Been Proved More Effective Than Others.

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The use of animations, graphs, and charts during litigation is no longer breaking news. Attorneys use it to give evidence before the court demonstratively.

The court system has since seen all sorts of charts and graphs of varying sizes. Kelleher (2014), in his article, Beautiful Graphs of Large Data Sets for Litigation, expound on the use of numbers and interpretation of numbers through the use of graphs. He stated that “presenting numerical data in court often requires a good graph of the numbers to show changes and trends in the numbers.” This is also done using charts.

Charts and graphs are used in both civil law and criminal law cases. Baskin (1989), in her article, Charts, Graphs, and Mini Summations, explained that an expert in a complex criminal case may make use of charts to “explain the countless illegal acts that were part of the nefarious scheme, even though he may have no personal knowledge of none of them.” She further explained that in a complex criminal case, charts and graphs can help the plaintiff’s expert describe “the conduct of numerous defendants and how it is combined to cause the plaintiff’s terrible injuries or damages.”

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