Pile Driving Damage Case: How Animation Can Prove Useful

Photo by Nicolas J Leclercq on Unsplash

How Does Pile Driving Cause Harm To Structures?

In an article by John F. Wiss, he stated that “pile driving, like dynamite blasts, nuclear blasts, and sonic booms, is a source of vibration which is frequently alleged to cause damage to structures.” Pile driving activities are accompanied by mechanical energy that can cause vibrations leading to the displacement of soil formation. The danger inherent in pile driving activities increases with the duration of time that the pile driving activity lasts.

What Is The Attitude Of The Court To Pile Driving Damage Cases?

There have been different responses to pile driving damage in different jurisdictions in the US. Like in the case aforementioned, tried in the Supreme Court of Connecticut, pile driving activity, after much consideration, was slated to be a dangerous activity because of the damage that can be caused to adjacent properties even when all the required levels of care were adhered to.


Construction animation can be used as an effective tool in court to prove the damage caused by pile driving activities. The services of a reliable animation company with engineering experts must, however, be gotten to get the best out of the case.



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