Presenting A Spinal Tumor Animation To The Jury

Photo by National Cancer Institute on Unsplash

What Is A Spinal Tumor?

Simply put, a spinal tumor refers to the abnormal growth of a cell leading to a mass of tissue within or surrounding the spinal column.

How Is A Spinal Tumor Treated?

No matter the location or size of the tumor, the main aim of any treatment is to get it removed or shrink its size.

Handling A Spinal Tumor Medical Malpractice Case

Courts in the United States have seen a plethora of cases relating to a misdiagnosis of spinal tumors and errors during spinal tumor surgery.

Medical Animation To The Rescue

Various circumstances can surround a spinal cord tumor malpractice case. An attorney may need to prove and showcase that failure to diagnose and detect a spinal tumor has resulted in medical issues. They may need to point out the damage a delayed surgery or treatment of a detected spinal tumor has caused to a victim. In another case entirely, they may need to affirm how an error during surgery caused injury and pain to a patient.



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