The Perfect Visual Aid For A Hydroplaning Crash Case

Photo by Collins Lesulie on Unsplash

What Is Hydroplaning?

Hydroplaning refers to a condition where the wheels of a vehicle lose contact with the road surface it is traveling on. In this situation, the wheel is separated from the road by layers of water, which can result from rain or just a slightly damp road.

Photo by Tim Meyer on Unsplash

Can A Third-Party Contribute To A Hydroplaning Accident?

Hydroplaning can happen to a driver, no matter how skilled. It can happen so fast that the inability of the driver to curtail it can lead to major accidents on the highway. This was the case in an unfortunate incident in Alabama in 2021, as it was reported that hydroplaning led to the crash of various vehicles leading to the death of 10 people.

Using A Visual Aid In An Hydroplaning Crash Case

In a hydroplaning crash case, one of the best ways an attorney can prove negligence or explain their opinions and the facts of the case to the jury is via crash animation as a visual aid.



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